In debt to the Collector

Help is always welcome

So, after taking the Tower of ”?” Simone and Gerard were introduced to a hairy humanoid named Kevin. There was some unrest in the camp over non-orc auxillarys, so the 3 of them were dispatched to the second layer of Acheron, Thuldanen. Their trip took them over a magical bridge, through a mess of oozes, and into a camp of goblins. Sadly, the goblins were fanatical to the point of death, but luckily the orcs are paying bounties.

The 3 adventurers finally made it to the second layer, only to be confronted by a nest of drakes. strangely, the most dangerous was the swarm of young drakes. They backed off when the party asploded them, and one of the survivors even took a liking to Simone.

Now the party has aquired a cute shoulder dragon, and a list of sweet magical items.



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