In debt to the Collector

The story so far...

Simone and Gerard were celebrating their latest show with a night of drinking and singing. The Pig and Whistle was roaring with song and celebration, until Simone’s ex, Rosemary arrived and started in on him. The brothers in spirit decided to quit the place and find amusement elsewhere.

They found a cardgame. it was a strange place, and it got even stranger when somebody nearly busted the place up. Finally, it was revealed that the proprieter was a devil, possibly a pit fiend, and that Simone had lost about 100000000 GP in his game. So, true to his name, the Collector worled out a payment plan.

Thus, the friends found themselves the next morning on the face of a cube in Acheron, fighting goblins for an Orc General. They nearly lost their lives.

Hopefully it pays well…



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