Simone Parley

A lover of song, women, travel, and adventure.


Level 1 Bard.


Simone is the Son of a rich merchant Family, Parley and Sons. His father, Master Gohen Parley owns all the ships that run between the Town of Norfrost and the city of Erlitan. He employs a half dozen captains and nearly a hundred mercenary guards. His efforts have allowed his family to live in luxury, but his hopes for his eldest son were not born out.

Gohen thought his firstborn would duly learn the family buisness and carry on after he reached old age. Simone however, spends more time in the alehouses with his best friend than he does with his family. The young man has a talent for words, song, and bladework, and a passion for beauty and adventure.

Simone Parley

In debt to the Collector Caradrayan